Aleida Diaz

Born and raised in New York City, Aleida has worked with children and youth for over 15 years.  She found purpose and passion for writing and used it as a catalyst to draw troubled youth off the streets. She shares her of love the arts with children who enjoy expressing their creativity through drama skits and plays, song and dance.

As a youth ministry teacher, Aleida has led many youth to Christ.  She also serves her community through programs centered on helping young adults.  It is her passion to inspire, educate and stir up gifts and talents of at risk children through the arts.

Over the past year Aleida has been instrumental in leading the Trader Joe’s Food Donation Program at her local church and helping to provide hunger relief to the community she serves.

She is in the process of completing her first book (fictional novel)  based on the life of a child in foster care.



The First Christian Church of the Valley – Youth Ministry Director, New York City

Times Square Church – Department Head Leader, New York City.